Project Finance

Project Finance by Selective Financial Services

We can fund, or help you get your Project funded.

We take an Investor’s Approach. Selective Financial Services takes on projects that we have an interest in and would invest in ourselves. Our team has the scope and capability to accommodate projects in countries large and small around the world. Our well versed areas of expertise include Feasibility Studies, Technical Reviews, Due Diligence, Financial Engineering, Project Management, and Administration Overviews. With the current challenges faced by the global economy, let our experts provide the answers and demonstrate our ability to exceed your expectations. We have Private Money Funds as well as our own funds which allow us a great deal of flexibility in offering non-traditional funding programs. We also maintain close relations with government and institutional Project Funders worldwide.

Does your project qualify for funding?

Start by summarizing and writing your initial Project Funding Overview! To qualify, and for us to determine if there is potential interest in funding your project, we need to instantly understand your requirements. Get the facts to the point. How much your company seeks to borrow and how it intends servicing the debt and over what period?  Also, if your company has already invested funds and the percentage this represents from total costs. Moreover, do you have liquid cash or hard assets available to be used as equity contribution to your project? All these key issues have to be addressed and briefly answered if you wish to present your project for funding to the financial network of Selective Financial Services. We have made this first step simple for you and prepared the Project Funding Overview, a guide to professionally structure your initial presentation. Download this guide from the Selective Financial Services website and write your initial Project Funding Overview. Present this compressed summary to Selective Financial Services through your Relationship Manager. He will discuss it with the Research Teamto determine if the transaction could qualify for an investment by our own fund, or to evaluate chances for success of funding through cooperating banks and funders.

Do you have all Risk Management Strategies in place?

Identify potential risks and add Risk Management to your project!

A matter of particular focus will be whether the costs of the project have been properly assessed and whether the cash-flow streams from the project are properly calculated. Risks are analyzed using financial models to determine the project’s cash-flow and hence the ability of the projects management to meet repayment schedules. Different scenarios will be examined by adjusting economic variables such as inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and prices for the inputs and output of the project. Various classes of risk that may be identified in a project financing will be discussed in our Guide to Professional Risk Management which you download from our website. Incorporate Professional Risk Management methods in your Business Plan.

Does your Business Plan convince potential Investors?

Structure a professional Business Plan that will work for you! Selective Financial Services applies a professional structured financial approach to project finance and commercial transactions.  When raising project finance it is important to have a plan or strategy for the future of the business to show to us, or cooperating banks, funders or alternative potential lenders. Your Business Plan can take several forms depending on the business and its circumstances. This Business Plan is fundamental in terms of planning the future of the business but is also absolutely essential if you are to obtain access to project finance. Potential lenders will want to see that the managers have a clearly defined business objective and view of the market, a strategy for managing the business, full understanding of the operating environment and very strong operational capabilities. After reviewing your initial Project Funding Overview, and if there is further interest to finance your project, we will request you to present your Business Plan. We have structured a complete guide to develop a professional Business Plan to help you get your project funded. Download this Guide to develop a Project Funding Business Plan from the Selective Financial Services website and develop a professional presentation of your project.

Will your project and your presentation stand the test of Due Diligence?se

Let us verify and evaluate the figures and facts that build your Business Plan. Due diligence is a formal phase of negotiation whereby the funder undertakes a process to test and verify the statements made in the Business Plan, the understanding of risks, resources and commitments to be entered into. This will include verification of financial information, assets, property, maintenance and lease agreements, information about the company’s products, customer information and information about competition, marketing, sales, and distribution. It involves always a close look at management and personnel and on legal and related matters. The general picture obtained this way will have an impact on pricing of the transaction and determine if possible warranties should be sought. A good due diligence process will enable parties to conclude funding with a good understanding of the fundamentals of the project or business, full awareness of resource implications and commitments that will be made. To provide basic understanding of what due diligence generally involves, we let you have a look at the standard Due Diligence Check List which you can download from our web site http://SelectiveFinancialServices.com .

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