Professional Financial Service Provider

Professional Financial Service Provider

Professionals in the Financial Arena are working for a common Goal.

Relationship Manager

Selective Financial Services is a financial organization of Relationship Managers. As a Relationship Manager you structure and arrange guarantee products and help to get transactions and projects funded. Backed by our Research Team, a Relationship Manager is supported by a wealth of information, research, and financial analyses.

Research, Analysis and Publishing

Research into financial markets is fundamental basics of Selective Financial Services. If research and publishing is your passion, then you should join our Team. Through his, your research, analysis and opinion is given an international professional audience.

Professional Qualified Investors

If you an investor interested in high profit secured financial transactions and project finance then you should talk to us. No matter if you are cash rich investor, or if you seek additional funds to participate in an investment which you have in mind, talk to your Relationship Manager at Selective Financial Services.

Provider of Professional Financial Services

You are a Provider of new and unique financial products or services and you have an innovative financial product that might fit into our concept, and if you can prove your capability to perform, then we are interested to talk to you.

We seek to expand and associate with the best and brightest financial professionals with energy, personality and drive. Selective Financial Services would like to work with candidates from around the world who are intelligent, passionate and driven by the desire to structure solutions also for the most difficult financial scenarios.

Contact Selective Financial Services now!

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