Investment Opportunities by Selective Financial Services

Investment Opportunities by Selective Financial Services

As an Investor you have money to invest, or you need additional funds to participate in a special opportunity investment.

Selective Financial Services’ Research Team was formed by a team of investment professionals and market analysts with an average of 20 years of investment experience in international markets. The Research Team is experienced in researching into investment strategies, transactions in trading currencies and other financial opportunities with the potential to influence world market trends.

Our Research Team works with analysts who research closely into new financial products and markets, teaming up with financial institutions and bankers around the world and research in major countries and in many developing economies. The background of the Research Team spans economic policy making, investment banking, funds management and risk management.

Investment strategies are available to Selective Financial Services’ high-net-worth individuals and the share holders of our firm who qualify and meet certain criteria with regards to wealth and investment experience. The Research Team invests own money in the Hedge Fund they advise, which serves to align their own interests with those of partners and investors. The investment strategy of our own private Hedge Fund is driven by research on economic and political issues. The fund operates in major developed markets, investing primarily in foreign exchange and fixed income.

Selective Financial Services continues to focus on maintaining strong relationships with investors. We broaden and deepen existing core relationships and aim on building new relationships, particularly in the real money arena, by leveraging the scale and comprehensive product capability. Information about the activities of the fund provided on this website is restricted to people who identify themselves as eligible investors.  No investments have been, or will be accepted until proof of eligibility has been obtained. Nothing on this website should be read as an offer to invest.

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