Alternative Finance by Selective Financial Services

Alternative Finance by Selective Financial Services

We have financial Alternatives for you! If traditional funding methods fail, or simply are not available, alternative Methods of Finance are offered to structure a financial solution.

Selective Financial Services takes a comprehensive approach to alternative financial credit enhancement methods. Your Relationship Manager at Selective Financial Services is working closely with you and our Research Team to structure and develop custom tailored alternative solutions to specific issues and problems. We have the right skills and direct access to a wealth of resources of our international network of financial analysts, product experts and sector specialists to identify suitable alternative ways of finance and to support your financial ambitions through credit enhancement and alternative finance methods.

Selective Financial Services’ Research Team evaluates options and engineers financial solutions to optimize a customer’s balance sheet and enhance alternative funding options through strong relationships with international banks and global institutional investors.

The ultimate goal of alternative finance is to enhance your financial possibilities by leveraging your available cash and credit position to unmatched financial options available. This can be achieved by using the financial strength of a third party utilizing proof of funds capabilities, alternative financial Instruments, and leasing of securities and collateral.

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