With our partners in Europe, we have structured a financial model for a Project Funding Loan which brings together: Easy accessibility of collateral and a most powerful lender who is a is a major commodity trader, holding large cash reserves in Euros, enabling the company to engage in single transactions of up to EUR 50 Billion.

We are very proud of this Project Funding Loan structure which we can avail to qualified clients on these terms: LTV 95%, 6.5% p.a. for up to 30 years, with early repayment option and availability from EUR 250,000,000 right up to EUR 50 Billion.

This is a Non-Recourse Project Funding Loan, structured in the form of a cash investment by a “private lender” into your company, backed up by a financial bank instrument. This financial model is an all in one concept. We have fine tuned terms and conditions to come up with a legal structure that enables access to Loan provider and pledge of collateral all at the same time, for you to retain all equity of your company or project under your sole control.

Requirements to qualify: To qualify, you must be able to prove the availability of more than 0.2% of the required loan, but a minimum of EUR 350,000 in liquid cash equity, through a confirmation by your bank, addressed to yourself, or you may provide a confidential copy of your current bank statement to prove that you can be an acceptable candidate for a Project Funding Loan.

Collateral is a cash-backed financial instrument, either owned or leased. Considered are MTN (Medium Term Note), BG (Bank Guarantee) or SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit). The instrument has to be advised by SWIFT MT799 and SWIFT MT 760 to the Lender’s bank. Our all in one Project Funding Loan model includes access to suitable financial instruments. The annual interest rate of 6.5% includes already the annual cost for utilizing such collateral.

There is a thorough credit check by the Lender and his bank. Due Diligence on the applicant/client company must result in a clean criminal record, no bankruptcy issues and no mortgage issues. The same stands for any of the Directors that are involved.

Projects and Sectors considered: You must have a profitable commercial business transaction, or a project that is environment friendly and in line with Social Responsible investment guidelines. Considered as well, are financial transactions which enable high profit margins on a bank secured basis.
No up-front payments what so ever if you own a bank instrument. If you require the provision of third party collateral, you will have to move some funds on a bank to bank basis, max 0.2%. This simplifies and enables project funding of almost any size, from EUR250 million and up to EUR 50 Billion, with a term of 1 to 30 years.

If time is of the essence, this is your solution! The loan disbursement turn-around time is within 10 banking days of the client’s acceptance, and after duly executed contracts.

Request our application package right now. Send an email directly to this email account RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com of our company, to receive your copy of this all in one Project Funding Loan concept, guiding you through the process of applying for the loan, and at the same time gaining access to valid collateral, precisely matching the loan requirements.

With this financial model, Selective Financial Services offers a great and professional service to structure a solution for your specific financial requirements for business-, project-, or investment funding.

We are expecting your reply with great interest. Brokers are welcome and protected.

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