Today, the EU Task Force on Investment published a report showing that there is significant potential for investment in Europe. It identifies around 2,000 projects across Europe worth some €1.3 trillion of potential investments, out of which over €500 billion worth of projects could potentially be implemented over the next three years. Many of these projects are currently not being realised due to financial, regulatory or other barriers.

Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said: “Today’s report shows there are huge investment needs and viable projects that could lift economic growth and open up more job opportunities in Europe. There has been a severe disconnect between the available investment and credible projects on the ground. We are now taking a big step to restore investor confidence and connect the two.”

The report recommends immediate action to create a transparent pipeline of investment projects. The identification of projects by the Task Force is a first step towards creating a forward-looking and transparent pipeline of investable projects. This is an essential measure to restore confidence and encourage investors to invest and build expertise in Europe. The lack of credible and transparent information about projects is currently a major barrier to investment.

How Selective Financial Services Helps you?

Upon receipt of your professional project presentation, we will perform brief financial analyses. If your project qualifies, we will present it to the funding committee. Download these guidelines (below) to properly present your venture. If your project qualifies, we will request your business plan and have a look at the due diligence and an independent audit. If your project appears further feasible, we will suggest a funding strategy!

We take an Investor’s Approach

We only take on projects that we would invest in ourselves. Our team has the scope and capability to accommodate projects in countries large and small around the world. Our well versed areas of expertise include Feasibility Studies, Technical Reviews, Due Diligence, Financial Engineering, Project Management, and Administration Overviews. With the current challenges faced by the global economy, let our experts provide the answers and demonstrate our ability to exceed your expectations. We have Private Money Funds as well as our own funds which allow us a great deal of flexibility in offering non-traditional funding programs. We also maintain close relations with government and institutional Project Funders worldwide.

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