SFS_Investment“Ghost cities” lined with empty apartment blocks, abandoned highways and mothballed steel mills sprawl across China’s landscape – the outcome of government stimulus measures and hyperactive construction that have generated $6.8tn in wasted investment since 2009, according to a report by government researchers.

In 2009 and 2013 alone, “ineffective investment” came to nearly half the total invested in the Chinese economy in those years, according to research by Xu Ce of the National Development and Reform Commission, the state planning agency, and Wang Yuan from the Academy of Macroeconomic Research, a former arm of the NDRC.

Selective Financial Services only take on projects that we would invest in ourselves. Our team has the scope and capability to accommodate projects in countries large and small around the world. Our well versed areas of expertise include Feasibility Studies, Technical Reviews, Due Diligence, Financial Engineering, Project Management, and Administration Overviews. With the current challenges faced by the global economy, let our experts provide the answers and demonstrate our ability to exceed your expectations. We have Private Money Funds as well as our own funds which allow us a great deal of flexibility in offering non-traditional funding programs. We also maintain close relations with government and institutional Project Funders worldwide.

To qualify, and for us to determine if there is potential interest in funding your project, we need to instantly understand your requirements. Get the facts to the point. How much your company seeks to borrow and how it intends servicing the debt and over what period?  Also, if your company has already invested funds and the percentage this represents from total costs. Moreover, do you have liquid cash or hard assets available to be used as equity contribution to your project? All these key issues have to be addressed and briefly answered if you wish to present your project for funding to the financial network of Selective Financial Services. We have made this first step simple for you and prepared the Project Funding Overview, a guide to professionally structure your initial presentation.

Do you have all Risk Management Strategies in place?

Identify potential risks and addRisk Management to your project!

A matter of particular focus will be whether the costs of the project have been properly assessed and whether the cash-flow streams from the project are properly calculated. Risks are analyzed using financial models to determine the project’s cash-flow and hence the ability of the projects management to meet repayment schedules. Different scenarios will be examined by adjusting economic variables such as inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and prices for the inputs and output of the project. Various classes of risk that may be identified in a project financing will be discussed in our Guide to Professional Risk Management report.


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