SFS_15_14Industry, Labor and Greens accuse Coalition of breaking election promise and abandoning bipartisanship

The high stakes political standoff over the renewable energy target will freeze new investment, cause the collapse of existing projects and within a few years trigger a “penalty” provision that would hike power bills by three times as much as the now-repealed carbon tax.

The renewable energy industry, Labor and the Greens are adamant these dire consequences are entirely the fault of the Abbott government, accusing the Coalition of breaking its election promise to keep the RET, abandoning bipartisanship over the policy and proposing drastic cuts to the target that would be even worse for the industry.

The Labor leader, Bill Shorten, said there was no point continuing with the talks “because Tony Abbott is a climate change sceptic and election promise breaker” and “there is no point in leading people up the garden path” or having negotiations with people who didn’t want to negotiate.

Selective Financial Services seeks to finance your green renewable energy projects including developments of wind, solar, biodiesel, ethanol plants, municipal solid waste to energy, geothermal, hydroelectric and more. More and more funders became reluctant in financing renewable energy projects, due to consolidations, tariff reductions and market uncertainty. Selective Financial Services has know-how and experience in capital placement for green fuels and power developments. We are environmentally responsible and provide financing and funding renewable green energy developments projects for a cleaner, sustainable future. Wind, solar, biodiesel / ethanol plants, geothermal and hydroelectric are economically viable today and well qualified developers are able to obtain capital if properly packaged and presented to the lending and capital sources. Our goal is to ensure a successful renewable energy project development capitalization around the world.

Investments in Renewable Energy Projects are investments in the most substantial sector of energy industry today. The green sector is of increasing importance. Investment professionals, private equity managers as well as government officials and other specialists of the field are boosting green energy and further develop renewable energy sectors. Financing of alternative energy projects have gained the attention of important market players. Wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal as well as lately developed waste-to-energy projects, offer great opportunities for developers and investors to achieve satisfactory results and high returns on their investment. If such an investment is of interest to you, or selective other high yielding financial opportunities, then you should be on our investor list.


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