chinaThe expectation of a $100-billion Chinese investment in India got reduced on Thursday as the country committed itself to investing only $20 billion here over five years. The issue of border tension between India and China also came up during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the second day of the former’s maiden visit to the country.

Modi, though, did not harp much on the issue of defining the line of actual control (LAC) and incursions as strongly as was expected, a top official in the know of what transpired behind closed doors told Business Standard.

Selective Financial Services has the ability to handle complex and highly confidential situations. We bring to the table deep experience across various market cycles, vast intellectual capital, unconventional thinking and a problem-solving approach. Selective Financial Services is driven by the aim to provide thoughtful, custom-tailored solutions that help to achieve your strategic and financial goals.

What do we do?

Research of our Financial Strategies Team into the global markets on the one side and research into funding concepts on the other side build the intellectual knowledge base of Selective Financial Services. We provide services around securing funding via debt and equity finance, both privately and via established financial institutions and open unique opportunities for investors.

How do we do it?

Selective Financial Services is used to an investor-focus approach. It is an investor mindset that drives Selective Financial Services in its financial advising and consulting activities often unmatched by other firms. Our role as an investor gives us the ability to see advisory assignments from both, a funder’s and an applicant’s point of view, providing a distinctive perspective on value creation. Selective Financial Services analyzes a client’s situation, structures and opens ways to raise capital and provides solutions to your financial requirements. We put all our intellectual capital and financial expertise to work for you!


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