07-Power-CloudsPower Clouds, a global renewable energy project that encourages citizens around the world to collectively build photovoltaic power plants, has released metrics for its first year of activity.

Since its inception in March 2013, the project has more than 50,000 participants in more than 100 countries with 50,000 solar panels installed in 13 shared power plants for a total value of $60 million. This represents a unique participatory system of renewable energy production from citizens around the world.

Power Clouds allows anyone, anywhere in the world who owns a solar panel to lease the panel to them. Power Clouds then pays the solar panel owner a monthly fee for 20 years. The hope is that from these participatory solar farms, the global grid will be fed with clean energy and create the first worldwide network of photovoltaic systems – ideally the planet’s largest energy source.

Energy – It is the world’s largest industry and the global demand for energy continues to rise, while a strong momentum for change is happening.

The road ahead is clear: alternative energy solutions and energy efficiency measures are needed to secure that the world’s energy needs will continue to be covered – now and in the future. Meeting the demands of all stakeholders will require significant investments on the energy supply side, the distribution and storage of energy, as well as in the tools and technologies that enable the efficient use of that (renewable) energy. They will have a lasting impact on our energy mix and the way we use this crucial resource.

The financial Markets are becoming more selective in funding Eco Power Projects!

Selective Financial Services seeks to finance your green renewable energy projects including developments of wind, solar, biodiesel, ethanol plants, municipal solid waste to energy, geothermal, hydroelectric and more. More and more funders became reluctant in financing renewable energy projects, due to consolidations, tariff reductions and market uncertainty. Selective Financial Services has know-how and experience in capital placement for green fuels and power developments. We are environmentally responsible and provide financing and funding renewable green energy developments projects for a cleaner, sustainable future. Wind, solar, biodiesel / ethanol plants, geothermal and hydroelectric are economically viable today and well qualified developers are able to obtain capital if properly packaged and presented to the lending and capital sources. Our goal is to ensure a successful renewable energy project development capitalization around the world.



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