Wind Parks in Romania

Wind Parks in Romania

Two European entrepreneurs are the initiators of this profitable business model. They manage several companies in the heart of Europe very successfully. Diverse skills and years of experience in the business ensure a reliable and fast project implementation, performed in accordance with the highest quality standards. They are oriented by the criteria of sustainability, economic efficiency and social responsibility. This appears to be an exceptionally lucrative wind park project. It is the company’s goal to implement the Wind Park Project according to structured financing. Sustainable returns shown in the business plan justify the proposed investment. The Wind Park Project location was identified and developed following an extensive and robust analysis of the wind resource and geographical parameters in Romania. The region is now regarded as one of the prime locations for onshore wind development.

This wind park project is sizeable and has a noticeably positive impact on the local community and economy, creating jobs in the short and long term. It has the potential to obtain high profile visibility both within Romania and globally.

Depending on debt financing flexibility, the expenditure requirement can be staggered over the life of the Wind Park Project, resulting in a beneficial spread of the cash flows. Discussions with reputable and experienced contractors have progressed significantly reducing the time and effort involved in reaching agreements, to the advantage of the Buyer. Contracts have not yet been signed with these respective contractors, allowing for flexibility around the terms. The Wind Park Project has been developed in an area with good wind resource, available capacity and strong grid connection. Over three years of uninterrupted wind data has been collected and analyzed by two leading independent third party wind consultants. Both Shareholders are important players in their markets, with substantial experience in developing renewable energy Wind Park Projects, especially in wind generated electricity.

Wind Parks in Romania

Wind Parks in Romania

The company has designed, financed and constructed more than 20 wind energy, solar and biogas power plants. GE Energy has co-developed over 1,250MW of wind energy projects around the world. Financing alternatives for the TSA 3, BoP, grid connection and other capital expenditure items are being explored. Current solutions involve several financing sources, including the EBRD 4, OPIC 5 and Hermes. Initial feedback has indicated that this is one of the most advanced Wind Park Projects in Romania.

A complete business plan is available upon request to qualified investors and institutions. You can request the documentation on the company if you email RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com and ask for report R51.


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