Furniture design, manufacturing and wholesale in IndiaFurniture design, manufacturing and wholesale in India is a very big market. We would like to inform you about a special opportunity offered by an Indian business entrepreneur owning a furniture mall of about 75000.00 sq. ft. His group is developing a new “Global Level Furniture Mall” housing many national and international brands catering to whole sale markets in the country on 5.50 acres premises. The company is dealing in furniture and related accessories. The company’s main activity is importing of furniture and wholesale products all over India. The company has 15 years of experience in the furniture trade. The Main objectives are to make quality furniture available to all class people at a reasonable price and to create employment opportunities on large scale. The company is manufacturer of furniture and storage equipment that are made from quality raw material such as pre-laminated board and PR sheet. Known for durability and wear & tear resistance, products are used in warehouses, offices, and educational institutes. The company makes use of consultancy service for architectural design concepts, relevant utility engineering and project management consultancy service for the proposed development.

This project is divided in four main Phase: Pre concept activities, Planning architectural designing, Design and engineering stage, Project construction management. The company deals in home furniture, office furniture, other products, telephone stand, wall unit, computer table, office chairs etc.It is looking for equity and debt finance. The total financial requirement is US$ 12,5 million. A complete business plan is available upon request to qualified investors and institutions. You can request the documentation on the company if you email RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com and ask for report R50.


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