Funding of ECO Power Projects

Solar-power capacity in Ukraine is forecast to double this year, spurred by the completion of Europe’s biggest photovoltaic plant in December and incentives a third higher than anywhere else in the region.

When I read this headline in Bloomberg today, I was thinking of funding of Eco Power Projects worldwide. How many green projects could be financed if people only knew the right sources and would have the right financial instruments at their fingertips

Private Money Funds as well as funds from investors of Selective Financial Services are available and allow a great deal of flexibility in non-traditional funding programs. Clients of Selective Financial Services benefit of global research, geographic variety, superior market knowledge, and professional consultation and advice in a wide range of Leveraged financial products that can enhance project finance and leverage your liquidity.

The report provides information of how to structure and arrange guarantee products for eco power and green energy projects world-wide. For the benefit of clients, the Financial Strategies Team of the company maintains close relations with government and institutional Project Funders worldwide. They have now published Report R 11, which is an updated version of the summary and an insight on financial products of the company which are now available.

The information in this paper is available for transactions ranging from US$ 10 million and up. The latest report and can also be ordered if you send an email to RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com

The documentation on Funding of ECO Power Projects and financial instruments is available on the website http://SelecrtiveFinancialServices.com


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