eco-powerBillionaire bankers gathered at the United Nations yesterday to call for more investment in renewable energy — $1 trillion a year, to be exact

Today is a great day that starts with great news. This headline taken from Bloomberg inspired me and I decided to inform you on Eco Power Project Funding which is available through Selective Financial Services.

If you have a great eco power business to be financed Selective Financial Services can help with own funds, funds of its investors, or financial institutions the company works with.

Relationship Managers have developed close contacts with major players in international finance who work with us to structure that perfect solution for your Green Energy ECO power project funding and guarantee requirements. As an international financial organisation, Selective Financial Services with its Relationship Managers in major Financial World Markets are backed by the Financial Strategies Team which regularly comes up with new ideas to finance such projects.

With interest rates at an all time low, the company can offer very interesting financing models on equity, or debt finance basis. The latest report R11 Funding of ECO Power Projects opens new horizons for project operators in need of funding.

You will find this documentation on the website where it is listed as Report R11 http://SelecrtiveFinancialServices.com

R11 Funding of ECO Power Projects is completely free and available for projects ranging from a financial requirement of US$ 10,000,000 and up. Project Funding can also be supported by Bank Guarantees which the company structures. The report for Eco Power Project Funding can be ordered if you send an email to RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com


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