Proof of Funds and Blocking of funds for your transactionGetting them to sign the papers, for instance when a start-up wants to raise real venture capital may be hard. The risk is that crowdfunding today may mean herding cats tomorrow.

After I read this in “Economist” I was thinking of how many projects could now be financed if people only knew the facts of Project Funding supported by Bank Guarantees and would have the source to obtain such a leased bank instrument.

At times of low interest rates, it is a great idea the Financial Strategies Team came up with. With current challenges faced by the global economy, our experts provide the answers and demonstrate ability to exceed your expectations.

Private Money Funds as well as funds from investors of Selective Financial Services are available and allow a great deal of flexibility in non-traditional funding programs. For the benefit of clients, the Financial Strategies Team of Selective Financial Services maintains close relations with institutional Project Funders worldwide.

The price of a proof of funds services is determined by the strength of the service that is required and by the term it should be valid. The stronger your requirement, the higher will be the fee for the arrangement. The longer the validity period, the higher will be the fee. A proof of funds can be established to help avail investment opportunities that usually are not available to you. A proof of funds issued for you can make all the difference.

The documentation on leasing financial instruments is available on the website http://SelecrtiveFinancialServices.com

The report is completely free and available for projects ranging from a financial requirement of US$ 10,000,000 and up. Project Funding supported by Bank Guarantees can also be ordered if you send an email to RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com


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