Proof of Funds and Blocking of fundsThe politicians have tried various tactics. First they ordered the banks to lend more to small businesses, setting them cash targets for how much credit they expected to see extended. When that didn’t work, they moved from stick to carrot, with schemes such as Funding for Lending that effectively provide banks with cheap capital for the support they offer SMEs.

This morning, when I read this headline in “Forbes” I immediately decided to inform you on the latest financial product available through Selective Financial Services: Project Funding supported by Bank Guarantees

If you have a great project, the first step could be to proof funds. A POF is usually document that demonstrates that a person has the ability and funds available to use for a transaction. It comes in the form of a bank-, security- or custody statement.

The purpose of the document is to ensure that the funds required for the transaction are obtainable and legitimate. Obviously, the price of a proof of funds services is determined by the strength of the proof of funds service that is required and by the term it should be valid. The stronger your requirement, the higher will be the fee for the arrangement.

The longer the validity period, the higher will be the fee. Our Relationship Managers will only take on projects that Selective Financial Services would invest in or partners of our company. Our team has the scope and capability to accommodate projects in different countries around the world. Once Selective Financial Services has a complete understanding of what you want to achieve, a structure of that perfect financial solution can be engineered.

The Proof of Funds documentation is available on the website http://SelecrtiveFinancialServices.com

This paper can also be ordered if you send an email to RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com Your Relationship Manager will provide it to you via email.


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