Investment Opportunity in Photovoltaic in Italy and Romania

Investment Opportunity in Photovoltaic in Italy and Romania

The project manager started his first solar photovoltaic company as a service company in the rapidly growing photovoltaic market back in 2009.  This company concentrates its efforts on building up a production portfolio in the renewable energy sector. At the top of the portfolio list is electricity, produced from solar power generation plants in Europe. The mother company engages in trading with photovoltaic products and providing consultancy services to the industry. It produces a genuine proposal for clean green energy assessment viewing all ecological and long term strategies to develop photo voltaic power plants.  The company stands for photovoltaic power plants, generating green, environmentally-sustainable electricity.

The concept of the company makes us of the sun as an endless source of energy and with this helps to reduce dependency on energy produced from atomic or fossil sources. Through these activities, the company helps to cover increasing global energy requirements, and reduces global emissions of CO2.

The company designs solar power generation plants using 3D AUTO-CAD software, taking their geographic, meteorological and economic characteristics into consideration. It carries out the all-important shade analysis itself.

The company purchases modules, assembly systems and inverters directly only from certified manufacturers. The company works with an own network to carry out the assembly work.

Finance is sought for major projects in Italy and Romania. With these new projects in Italy and Romania, the project manager offers a future-oriented, high quality, serious investment.

Investment Opportunity in Photovoltaic in Italy and Romania

Investment Opportunity in Photovoltaic in Italy and Romania

It is the intention of the project manager to buy and operate solar plants in Italy and Romania. The Italian Solar plants are already on-grid and the installation of the Romanian plant started 2013 and will be purchased “turn-key” by the project manager. The business objective is to take over the running large scale photovoltaic systems. Financing is sought in the form of structured finance. The total investment for the photovoltaic plants incl. liquidity reserve is US$ 24.500.000,- respectively the equivalent in Euro.

These projects are chosen for investment in renewal energies on behalf of the grand return on capital for a period of 25 years. Under suitable climatic circumstances multiple running systems will be bought at different locations of the capital region.

The project manager intends to incorporate an American SPV which would own the 100% shares with clarifications over all legal dues with almost no risk factors. The fossil and nuclear resource free project is guided under highly experienced official from renowned photovoltaic company. The guaranteed returns policy is marked as per the government-guaranteed-feed-in tariff for above 2 decades running by the support of LLC.

The 20% green power in 2020 goal of Romania is obliged towards the sanction of proposal with extremely cheap installation pricings and new suitable energy laws. The Italian tax regulation mechanism along with the manager of electricity service would promote the sale for interested parties with adequate plant expansions. The management of the high profile technical and economical skills with risk free projection of the architectural integration of photovoltaic at verified combined heat & power plant will be granted.

Both the Romanian and the Italian cost assessment has been confirmed in USD as for its expenses electricity and returns from the year 2013 to 2032 along it performance feed-in tariff consolidated prior to the size of land, no’s of sites, dimensions of the space, and component solar modules & inverters .

The whole service of solar radiant processing into electricity through solar panels to surplus the energy need with the help of technology driven methods at adorable cost of $ 24.500.000 USD is to be executed in the best competitive nature of service and security. The big potential lands Romania and Italy are accountable to the cash flows for the project from innumerable sources during the processing period. The keys goals of dealing with photovoltaic plants is about 3,304 MW in Italy of 4 power plants and 2,543 MW in Romania of single power plant is segmented under dedicated business plan for respective products, services, market analysis, market volume, market prospects, and market growth assembled at the document which is highly responsive and progressive with span of time and awareness.

The year 2011 is marked as the inversely increasing age of solar energy with almost a vertical graph of progress. The verbal increase is well elaborated in terms of percentage with respect to time in the dispersed market prior to the marketing and sales strategies.  The net returns and debt are also assembled with preferred goals on charts for the two decades and easily assumed with any fluctuates to the terms and revolving conditions.

The Unique Selling Point and keys to success stated in the business plan are truly incompatible and unmatchable to the level of invest, strength, potential and opportunities. The complete report is available if you send an email to the Research Team of SFS at RelationshipManager@SelectiveFinancialServices.com


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